stories of people fighting for a better future

As one of the worlds largest retailers, Target recognizes its impact on local communities. That is why they asked us to create Future at Heart, a custom podcast about people and organizations fighting for a better future. Improving the world takes time. It happens in small steps and it’s not easy. That can lead some people to disillusionment. But others are able to tap into something bigger and stick it out long enough to make one person’s life better, and then another, and another.


Target is collaborating with people across the country who are driving change in their own communities. From Miami to Minneapolis, Houston to New York City, join host Ngofeen Mputubwele (lawyer, journalist, advocate) as he meets the people who are defining a better future for us all. 


We designed a digital campaign that ran across WNYC and New York Public Radio digital channels driving traffic to the podcast. We also created on-air promos with talent like Glynn Washington of Snap Judgement to further propel the campaign.


Here is a collection of photos from our recording session with Public Hives in Little Haiti, Miami where Danielle Bender is harnessing the power of bees to bring together her community. Other stories include Coach Hector Avila in Houston who is working with the US Soccer Foundation to transform unused urban lots into safe soccer play spaces and Chef Fabian Moreno in Brooklyn is working with Edible Schoolyard NYC to teach kids how to cook, eat healthy, and have confidence.

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