Reframing the Sound
of the South

Call & Response is the second original series between work x work and Sonos, amplifying artist voices and telling stories that shape the cultural dialogue. Following the successful first season of Object of Sound, Sonos’ flagship podcast and radio show, Call & Response highlights the voice of artist Adia Victoria, reframes music from the South to center the impact of Black women, and brings the blues tradition of communal music making and listening to Sonos.


From creative vision through sound design and high profile artist bookings, work x work collaborates hand in hand with Adia and Sonos to craft a podcast and radio show that honors her perspective. Initial episodes feature interviews with jazz legend Kamasi Washington, GRAMMY winner Rhiannon Giddens and songwriter Jamila Woods. Each episode is richly sound designed and accompanied by a highly curated playlist of music to mirror the themes of the show. The series launched April 15th 2021 on all podcast platforms, Sonos Radio and Mixcloud.

Hosted by Nashville-based musician and poet Adia Victoria,

each episode is a back and forth between Adia and her guests, between their present work, and the lineage of musical ancestors that came before them, and between Adia and you.

“It matters now more than ever”

to lean into music. To allow art to guide you. To feel known and nourished by it.”

– Adia Victoria

“Adia’s Love Letter to the South”

introducing Call & Response in a live virtual performance at On Air Fest 2021

“work x work continue to be trusted partners as we evolve our direction in the space.”

Joe Dawson, Global Brand, Platform & Product, Sonos

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