Dialing up engagement

Ahead of its official product launch, breakthrough podcast platform Luminary knew they needed to find ways to connect with creators. They got in touch with us to expose the brand to people on the front lines of the audio industry. We created a multi-layer launch for the brand at On Air Fest, introducing it’s signature visual flair and showcasing the creative talent in it’s portfolio.


During our 3-day festival, performers were invited into the “Luminary Lounge,” a networking & hospitality suite and festival attendees were welcomed into “The Machine of Unfamiliars” a dedicated hotel suite outfitted to present original audio artwork by Luminary podcaster and Love + Radio Director, Nick van der Kolk. The fully immersive experience brought Nick’s work to life, and captivated visitors for hours.


We created a special activation for visitors, a dedicated hotline to receive custom podcast recommendations, all in Luminary’s cheery yellow.

Luminary Lounge

Over 100 performers and speakers were invited into the “Luminary Lounge,” a VIP networking and hospitality suite.

The Machine of Unfamiliars

Festival attendees experienced “The Machine of Unfamiliars” an original audio artwork by Luminary talent Nick van der Kolk. The Machine of Unfamiliars is an automated secrets generator—a visual and audio installation featuring the voices of your neighbor, the woman sitting next to you on the bus, that one coworker who seems to have everything figured out, and maybe even you.

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