Youtube Original

A National Billboard Campaign for 'In Space with Markiplier'

Markiplier turned to work x work for an out-of-home marketing campaign to promote his new YouTube Original series, In Space with Markiplier. Reflecting the choose-your-own-adventure format, work x work created a series of conceptually-designed print and digital billboards across Times Square in New York City, Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, and rural locations across the country, meant to draw attention from both passersby and Mark’s huge, lore-driven fanbase. 


work x work approached the campaign by harnessing Markiplier’s comedic roots, and playing off his fellow creators. Billboards included send-ups of other Youtube Original series, GameLab and Scare Pewdiepie, by integrating Mark as well as space-themed elements into the frame, including lasers and spacecrafts. Our designers painstakingly recreated the images to create a pitch perfect parody of the original artwork.

work x work also created a hero billboard splashed across Times Square, as well as two Sunset Boulevard locations, utilizing a standout image from the series: Markiplier on the cusp of being sucked into a vortex. This hero image was turned into both a stand-out static image as well as spun into an eye-grabbing animated billboard by work x work’s creative team. 

Finally, work x work created a series of billboards placed in more rural areas (Missouri, North Carolina, and Washington State) to surprise and delight Mark’s thriving viral audiences. Playing with the series format, work x work’s strategic team created a billboard where viewers were tempted to be “On Earth with Bob” or “In Space with Markiplier.” Our copy team also used these audience-driven billboards to marshal Mark’s audience, by creating billboards with an “I Want You In Space” call to action to Mark’s ravenous fanbase, paired with an image positioning Markiplier as an intergalactic Uncle Sam. 

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