acast audio lounge

building culture & community in brooklyn

Three days of live podcasts, performances and an ASMR exhibition.


Acast is a global platform for podcasts–connecting listeners, creators, and advertisers in a fully integrated experience. For On Air Fest 2018, we created a three-day brand activation that helped create good vibes in the audio community and position the global company as culturally relevant in the U.S. We programmed eight hours of original live streaming conversations, performances and workshops each day. We designed every element of the space through the unique lens of Acast’s brand transforming the public lobby of Wythe Hotel into an immersive cultural experience. We promoted through digital and social channels and the entire program became a content capture for podcasts, video and social content.

“we love work x work and being at on air fest. they bring a fresh creativity to the podcast world and it’s great to be a part of their vision. our event reached such an interesting audience and the set design was beautiful.”

Kara Silverman,
Global Communications & Marketing Director

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