Spotify for Podcasters Portrait Series

Spotify, a cultural leader in music, was ready to elevate their latest podcast initiatives. work x work created the Spotify for Podcasters Portrait Studio and VIP Talent Lounge at On Air Fest 2020, bringing the brand to podcast influencers.


Spotify is known for supporting and elevating artists. To bring this idea to life for podcasters, work x work built out a lounge adorned with Spotify brand signage, and hired a fashion photographer to create stunning portraits of each festival attendee. Portraits were lit in Spotify blue and On Air Fest pink, and followed by interviews with Spotify ambassadors, creating dedicated in-person interactions with the brand. Across the festival weekend, hundreds of participants took part in the experience, including many iconic voices in the audio movement. Resulting portraits and quotes were distributed on Spotify’s social and blog channels.

“work x work shaped a vision for our brand activation and executed it perfectly. we got incredible portraits and had meaningful conversations with the creator community.”

Sam Duboff, Head of Creator Product Marketing

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