Runaway Horses is a new show about the search for freedom through music

Runaway Horses is the latest collaboration between work x work and Sonos. Following the critical success of Object of Sound and Call & Response, Sonos approached work x work to develop a show that would entice a new generation of country music listeners. We partnered with renegade country music queen Margo Price to create Runaway Horses, a show about the search for freedom through music, and our shared human experience.


work x work guided the production of Runaway Horses from concept through execution, including scripting, creative vision, sound design, and artist bookings. Featuring esteemed guests such as Emmylou Harris, Bob Weir, and Bettye LaVette, Runaway Horses features inspirational conversations with artists who aren’t afraid to break the mold and follow their own path.


Music is both the centerpiece and a creative prompt for Margo and her friends to share their perspectives on creativity, politics, and their personal journeys. Through Margo, listeners enter a subculture of Nashville storytellers and musicians who are challenging the culture that raised them and sparking critical conversations: what is the sound of America? What are the true roots of country? Where do we go from here? 


Episodes feature interviews with legendary artists such as Emmylou Harris, Bob Weir, Bettye LaVette, Swamp Dogg, Amythyst Kiah, and Lucius.


Timed with the release of Margo Price’s latest single, the series launch was covered by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Brooklyn Vegan, and more.


Our premiere episode, featuring Emmylou Harris, was recorded live on site at the historic Layman Drug Company in Nashville, TN.

“the thing about runaway horses is that you can really never truly break them. they are incredibly unpredictable… I hope that the conversations on this show help you feel a sense of freedom, too.”



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