Nick Kyrgios: Intimate Storytelling Event

Racquet Mag approached work x work for development and production of a bespoke storytelling and press event centering one of tennis’ most magnetic personalities, Nick Kyrgios. At a time when athletes are bombarded with cheap questions and surface-level interviews, we envisioned an intimate evening of unfiltered, opinionated and totally unprecedented personal storytelling—crafting a format to disrupt sports media, empower Kyrgios to control the narrative, and tell his own story. Part intimate Q&A, part uncut Kyrgios, fans and tennis aficionados were treated to an incredible evening covering the stories behind Kyrgios’ matches, the ups & downs of his tour, and what he really thinks about the Big 3.



We wanted to reimagine the abrasive—and sometimes aggressive—experience of a traditional sports press conference. In order to create an emotional energy of presence and engagement, attendees were informed that phone use would be prohibited throughout the event. We encouraged our guests to fully “unplug” to create an atmosphere that was no only more comfortable for Kyrgios, but one that was also more immersive for the fans who joined us.

The event also featured an open bar and light snacks, as well as a set by internationally renowned DJ Stretch Armstrong.


After the Q&A, Kyrgios surprised his fans by coming out to mix and pour drinks behind the bar.

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